Saturday, April 30, 2016

8 ways not to be a travel brat buddy

It's fun to travel free and easy. Although sometimes you would wish why you hadn't travelled solo because you have found a travel brat (instead of buddy).
There could be more on your list since everyone has different personalities but these are, in my opinion, 8 basic ways of how not to be a travel brat:

  1. Have an opinion.
    Minimise saying "anything" and "I don't know". What's worse would be trying to be a smart-alek when one really don't know.
  2. Be punctual.
    Cos catching flight at last minute is no fun.
  3. Take responsibility in finding out about the places he/she would like to go before setting off.
  4. Take care of own belongings.
    I thought keeping the important things with you at all time is common sense? Nanny please.
  5. Bring his/her own essentials.
    Or how about I charge a $25 per hour for being his personal photographer since he conveniently forgot the camera or claim that mine was better? Hehe.
  6. Ask before using or eating others' stuff. Duh.
  7. Don't act or speak like people owe he/she something.
    Be polite and gracious in seeking help or services would save everyone from embarrassment.
  8. Adapt instead of complain.
    Place is too far? Weather too hot? Attraction happened to be closed? Well well, we can't always expect things to go our way when travelling. Expect the unexpected is part and parcel, we gotta adapt to it or not be at it!

So what happens when you encounter a travel brat? Just grit your teeth, make the most out of what you could and try to enjoy the rest of the trip. If you just realised that you are the travel brat, erm... you now know why suddenly your friend goes MIA when you speak of the next holiday.


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