Monday, September 12, 2016

Before finalizing your itinerary

Before you finalize your itinerary for a free-and-easy tour time, here are some must-dos so that you won't go 'ah, why didn't I think of that?'. The moment sounds familiar doesn't it?
  • Find out the distance between the places you plan to go and how long it would take on your preferred mode of transportation. Especially if you intend to go cross county or out of town. You wouldn't want to under-estimate your needed travel time and having to push back the entire itinerary as a result. See illustration of what I meant below.

  • Calculate the expected expenditures and throw in some spare budget for the unforeseen circumstances.
  • Do the places you want to visit e.g. museums open on the days you planned to go? Open-sesame does not work here.
  • Have the names of locations ready in the native language just in case you need to ask around (in case at the places you go to people don't speak English well).
  • Find out how and how long it takes to get from your last-day-stay hotel to the airport. Plan your set off time. Missing a flight is no fun at all.
  • Write down a list of things that you would need to bring along, e.g. universal adapter.
  • Plan those days with most shopping till the last. So you won't have to lug a refrigerator around. 
Have fun!

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